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Field Test Studies
Review and Analysis Summaries

PathogenZERO is formulated with an antimicrobial plant based bioflavonoid, a proprietary compound tested for countless pathogens, including bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. The success of this product is phenomenal as all pathogens that have been tested for have been eliminated. We have eradicated the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides. No need for masks, special clothing, it has no alcohol, no chemicals and is biodegradable.

PathogenZERO© is formulated to protect your crop from seed to harvest!

Considering the broad-spectrum versatility of such an active ingredient as a bactericide, fungicide, antiviral and anti-parasitic compound it was important to address its effectiveness as a pathogen prevention, control, and eliminating product. Various tests were administered attempting to verify or disprove claims of efficacy. Primary areas of focus are centered around water/medium pre-treatments for prevention, room/plant treatments for control and finished flower dunk treatments for pathogen eradication.

Interpretation of Results

Field tests studies indicate that the ingredients used to formulate PathogenZERO are effective in pathogen prevention, control and eradication.

Well within claims of efficacy PathogenZERO has successfully controlled algae growth, water-borne pathogens, controlled the spread of fungal growth within grow mediums and flower canopies and eradicated dangerous molds/yeast/bacteria from fresh and dry harvested flowers.

Combining the effectiveness and safety of this product in regards to not only its targeted plant specimens but the environment, animals and Humans sets it apart from other available products on the market.

Water/Medium Pre-Treatment
Summaries As a Preventative

– 3×3 rockwool blocks
– Loose fill rockwool cubes
– Serial Dilution test 3×3 rockwool
– Water treatment in recirculating hydroponic bucket system

Room/Plant Treatment
Summaries as a Control

– 3×3 rockwool blocks
– Pests; gnats, aphids, thrips, spider mites, ants, cockroach efficacy
– Peat moss Clone plugs

Fresh/Dry Flower Dunk Treatment Summaries
As a Sanitizer Pathogen Eradication

– Dry flower 10sec dunk treatments
– Fresh flower 5 sec dunk treatments


Medium Pre-Soak / Water Treatment

Serial Dilution Test