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What is PZ Plant Protectant

PZ Plant Protectant™ is a multi-purpose product and can be used to kill mold on the plants, walls, floors and other gardening surfaces as well as hiding insects. Made up of pure, food grade, botanical extracts, all components are from GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials and exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides FIFRA section 25(b).

PZ Plant Protectant™ has been tested in our lab for over a decade on delicate new growth, clones, cuttings, vegetative, flowering and harvested plants. Safe for use during ALL stages of growth even ON the day of harvest and during the curing process.

Protect Your Home

For use on doorknobs handles bathroom fixtures sinks countertops and nonporous safe for all surfaces.

Protect Your Office

Proprietary alcohol free formula allows safe application for electronics.

Protect Your Garden

Protect your garden before, during, after. PZ Plant Protectant is safe for all stages of growth.

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How It Works

As a foliar spray PZ Plant Protectant™ works as a Natural Fungicide and kills the fungus through a biochemical interaction with the spores. Some natural components are also absorbed systemically by the plant, suppressing the fungal spores life cycle and aiding the plant cells ability to fight the disease.

PZ Plant Protectant™ works against airborne ‘pathogenic’ or disease-causing fungi that can infest the plant through the stomata, the plant’s breathing holes or by attaching too and penetrating the plant epidermis/outer cell wall.

These fungi poison healthy cells, disrupting the nutrient uptake and eventually kill the plant. Other fungi live near the root zone contaminating the medium and water-conducting cells, causing the plant to wilt.


PZ Plant Protectant™ Natural Fungicide can be used on a wide variety of plants, vegetables, and trees as a foliar spray and root drench as well as an area spray in controlling fungal spores and pest in the plant surroundings. When applying the product take caution not to over saturate any buds, fruits or flowers on the plant, shake off excess if so.


PZ Plant Protectant™’s highly concentrated formula must be diluted before spraying onto plants and can be sprayed as-is on surrounding surfaces. Read and follow all label directions.

1 fl. oz. concentrate makes 1 gallon of ready to use spray.
1 Gallon concentrate makes up to 128 gallons of ready to use spray.
1 Gallon treats up to 3785 gallons in the reservoir.