PathogenZERO™ Concentrated Formula

The success of this product is phenomenal as all pathogens that have been tested for have been eliminated. We have eradicated the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides. No need for masks, special clothing, it has no alcohol, no chemicals and is biodegradable.

PathogenZero represents that this product qualifies for exemption from EPA registration under FIFRA 25b. We are currently almost complete with our certification through the USDA for use in Organic Agriculture.


PathogenZERO™ Ready To Use Formula

Thanks to CaliCropDoc we now have quantified data in the Medical Cultivation industry showing the success of various applications within the cultivation process.

From Northern California CaliCropDoc brings 18+ years of hands on Medical Cultivation experience. A Purple thumb passed down from his father and his father’s father, outdoor, Indoor, soil to Hydroponics CaliCropDoc is always testing products side-by-side and strategizing more efficient ways of implementing old and new techniques.


Have You Heard About??


Personal 10 ml. All Purpose Organic Sanitizing Disinfectant.

Pathogen Zero’s proprietary 100% organic sanitizer and protectant is now available for personal use. Say Hello To Pathogen Zero Clean All.

And For All You Smokers Out There.

Clean your life, Disinfect your pipes!
Spray directly on surfaces in your home, car, kitchen, bath, office or directly on your skin. Pathogen Zero can also be sprayed into air filters to reduce harmful allergenic airborne pollutants.

With Pathogen Zero. You’re Pathogen Free. All The Time.