Three Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Crops

Our founder, Twompson Prater, has been in the industry for over 18 years and he’s learned quite a lot. With a Purple thumb passed down from his father and grandfather, Twompson made education, testing and research a priority when it came to marijuana. He then launched and his youtube channel to help share all the information he was gathering.

One of Twompson’s most important goals throughout this time has been teaching the most innovative and safest strategies to use when growing cannabis while protecting the grow room environment from pathogens, pesticides, and inefficiency. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like Twompson, and this has become a big problem for the industry.

Since marijuana is still relatively new in the legal market, many growers are still using archaic and toxic methods for growing and protecting their crops. This is detrimental to both patients who may be consuming their product, and also a financial liability for their business.

We’ve been helping people rethink how they keep their crops safe and successful for years now. Here are three reasons why you should safeguard yours too.

It’s Your Job to Protect the People You Serve.

If your product is consumed by people, especially those with compromised immune systems, your product should be safe all the way from your garden to their table. This should be your number one priority as a grower. Also, given the vast amount of suppliers that have entered the legal market, most people now demand medical grade marijuana. Bad weed just won’t cut it.

A few months back we highlighted a story about the “Dirty Cannabis Crisis in California.” 675 dispensaries were said to be in violation of Prop. 65’s no pesticides requirement.

In addition, we talked about how SC Labs, an official laboratory for the Emerald Cup Competition (a famous gathering for marijuana enthusiasts) disqualified five percent of flowers and twenty-five percent of 263 concentrates samples because of contamination due to pesticides.

If you need to up your standards to protect your consumers, our plant protectant and growth enhancer will help you achieve amazing results. This is all without the need for harmful chemicals. Rest assured too, SCLabs has tested the effectiveness of our product and demonstrated that it’s effective against hundreds of mold, mildew, bacteria, water-borne pathogens, and more!

There’s A Lot of Money On the Line.

If you’re in the cannabis business you know that the industry is estimated to bring in nearly 18 billion dollars (with a B!) by 2021. If the market becomes fully legal, the potential jumps up to 30 billion!

I’m sure you want in on this, and without safe crops, you’ll be quickly kicked out of the mix. The illegal market is going to be knocked down by the DEA. Businesses that provide cleaner, controlled product to their consumers will come out winning. Also, with more states pushing for legalization, the black market won’t be necessary.

A careless environment can also cost a pretty penny and time lost. Mold infestation can quickly spread and destroy most of your product, or at the very least contaminate your crops. Without effective strategies for addressing these problems, you’ll lose financially and may also be fined if you put patients at risk.

You’ll Produce Strong, High Yield Strain.

When it comes to the success of your strain, it’s all about your environment and grow room setup. This is why we live by the words “A Clean Grow Room is a Dream Grow Room.”

To achieve great results, you need to choose the right strain/seeds that work best with the environment and space you’ll be using. Then you can focus on setting up the right ventilation, wall treatments, light, plant placement, climate management, and collection. Most importantly, you should have some sort of pathogen prevention, control and cleaner regiment to ensure a plentiful grow. Keeping PathogenZERO on hand to protect your plants from pathogens works amazingly well while helping to enhance plant growth as well.

So now that you know how overlooked a clean environment is, you need to protect your crops and your investments, you can start by improving your grow room, with PathogenZERO! Be sure to checkout videos from CaliCropDoc that cover successful grow room setups and management.

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